Economy: Employment and Labour in the 21st Century

04-05.12.2017. Within the scientific conference "Economy: Employment and Labour in the 21st Century", organized by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade, FREN associates presented analyzes of labor market institutions and policies in Serbia, with special emphasis on the position of young people and women.

A minister without portfolio in charge of demography and population policy, Slavica Djukic Dejanovic, said that a better democratic future of Serbia depends primarily on the better position of women in the labor market. Their position on the labor market, analyzes of the causes of their inactivity, and possible policies that would contribute to increasing women's employment were presented by Jelena Žarković Rakić, the director of FREN and Marko Vladisavljević, FREN associate.

The first day of the conference was opened by a lecture by professor of the Faculty of Economics and the Chairman of the FREN Board of Directors, Mihail Arandarenko, on the situation and challenges in the labor market in Serbia in the 21st century, while the second day was opened by the lecture by FREN project manager Dragana Marjanovic, on  the position of youth outside education and employment and the problems they face. She presented the results of the recent FREN research "Evaluation of the youth services packages and the relevant programs and measures financed from the budget of the Government of the Republic of Serbia that are aimed at youth".