At the initiative of the Foundation for the Advancement of Economics, Faculty of Economics has recently submitted a request to Eurostat to be recognized as a scientific entity by that institution. We are pleased to inform you that the request is approved, which enables employees and doctoral students of the Faculty of Economics to access databases such as: o European Community Household Panel (... Read more


At the round table "System for supporting planning and decision-making in public policy", held on 28 August at the National Bank of Serbia, a package of legislation reforms of the public administration, prepared under the auspices of the State Secretariat for Public Policy and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, was presented. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Finance,... Read more


FREN's researcher Marko Vladisavljević talks about the extent to which remittances are important for families receiving it in the RTS radio program "In the Spotlight". According to the National Bank of Serbia during the last year Serbian Diaspora sent 2.6 billion of euros in Serbia. From 2001 to the end of 2012, in this way the country has received 34 billion euros. See full text at http://www.... Read more


FREN research indicates that more than half of remittances are received by one-member or two-member households and households with at least one member older than 55 years. Compelete text at- Read more


Quarterly Monitor - In this year salaries and pensions should not be increased, but strive to lower them further, said Milojko Arsic, chief editor of "Quarterly Monitor". See full text at Read more


The promotion of the 40th number of the Quarterly Monitor will be held on 23 June 2015 at 11.00 am at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade (Professors' hall). Participants: Prof. Branislav Boričić - Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade Dr. Kori Udovicki - Minister of Public Administration and Local Slef-Government, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and former Editor in chief of... Read more


Foundation for the Advancement of Economic Science, Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade and the International Labour Organization (ILO) are organizing a seminar on Labour Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility. The seminar is intended for last year undergraduate and master students. The seminar will be led by ILO Senior Specialist Emily Sims. A graduate of both law and economics, she... Read more


A lecture “25 years of transition: Western Balkans and Emerging Europe” by Daehaeng Kim, the IMF Resident Representative for Serbia, was held at the Faculty of economics on April 8th. The lecture was organized by the Foundation for The Advancement of Economics. Read more


The promotion of the 39. issue of the "Quarterly Monitor of Economic Trends and Policies in Serbia" will be held at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Professors' Hall on Monday, on March 23, at 11.00 am. Read more


Can municipalities through increased property taxes make up for the loss of revenues from fees for the use of construction land? 29/12/2014 - Results of the FREN's study "Analysis of the possibilities for compensation of revenue from fees for the use of construction land through property taxes." presented at Media Center. See full text - Read more